Descriptive Essay On Tempe, Arizona

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Three hundred and seventy- two miles east of Whittier, is Tempe, Arizona. Tempe is hot. The sun is bigger and brighter and the streets act as the walls of an oven do. The road ahead always looks submerged in water because of the heats reflecting glare. The heat is so unbearable, even being in the shade is like holding fifteen hair dryers, on high, up to your whole body. However, there is a warmth in Tempe that is not the daily 102 Degrees. No, this warmth is a loving warmth. The warmth of a family that is truly a blessing. The Penn family makes the trip into this oven of a city all worth it. Their beautiful little house stands proudly in the corner of a cold-a-sack. Well-maintained grass, as green as the on a baseball diamond, fills the front lawn. A majesty of a tree fights the sun away from the windows of the house. Long arm-like branches and perfectly shaped leaves, makes sure…show more content…
The air always smells savory and sweet, as though it was a gourmet, five star restaurant’s kitchen. The family is full of wonderful cooks. Mrs. Penn makes the best lemon pepper chicken and Mr. Penn lives by the notion that breakfast the most important and delicious meal of the day. The floor of the kitchen has the feeling that it has no tiling. It is smooth and cold, but in some parts, bumpy, as if a tiny farmer were raking his field. Those rough patches resemble the wrinkles made when a person raises their eyebrows. This makes for a very interesting feeling when walking barefoot. A wooden island counter is the center piece of the room and on the side opposite the kitchen is a table extension. The extension is as shinny and smooth as a bar’s countertop and it serves as a dining table. Behind the wooden chairs at the table is a small electric piano. Piano arias fill the air of the home as they are performed by the family’s youngest daughter, Sophia. Usually, the variety of songs heard is slim, considering she is only starting out as a

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