Hubris In Oedipus The King

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Sophocles, tragic play, Oedipus Rex. In Oedipus Rex, I believe that hubris is the essential cause of Oedipus’ downfall. Throughout the whole play Oedipus had shown hubris or excessive personal pride, which eventually brought his downfall. Going all the way back to the beginning of the play, Oedipus refers to his people as “Oedipus: My children,” (act 1, prologue, line 1) which shows because he’s their king that he is also like a father figure to them. He’s basically displaying his power over the people, showing that he is higher and more powerful than them. So you can see that the power already got to his head. Oedipus isn’t really a great king but he’s also not a tyrant, because he does care about the people but he also likes to show full…show more content…
When that hellcat the Sphinx was performing here, What help were you to these people? Her magic was not for the first man who came along: It demanded a real exorcist. Your birds – What good were they? or the gods, for the matter of that? But I came by, Oedipus, the simple man, who knows nothing – I thought it out for myself, no birds helped me!” (act 1, scene 1, line 173-181) Even with the Oracle revealing Oedipus the truth, he was so blinded by his pride and power, that he ignored it. Oedipus believed that the Oracle (Teiresias) was in a scheme with Kreon to over throw him and make Kreon the king of Thebes. Kreon is Iocaste’s brother, who is Oedipus’ wife which makes her the queen of Thebes, and gives Kreon a lot of power in Thebes. So when Oedipus and Kreon confront each other, Kreon explains to Oedipus that he already has power and that the last thing he wants is the responsibility of being a king. But Oedipus doesn’t believe Kreon so he gives him a choice, exile or death for treason against the king. And that’s when Iokaste comes in and stops Oedipus. From there on it just goes downhill for Oedipus because he just keeps ignoring the signs of the fate that the gods had cursed him with, due to his hubris and power over

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