Guns Are Coming Home

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Looking out his window on a bright Saturday morning back in 1948, he witnessed the foreign mobs walk towards the house from the other side of the street. He yelled “people with guns are coming!” and his voice reverberated throughout the entire house causing a feeling of panic and stress from each member of the family. As a child, he did not understand what was going on. He and his siblings were approached by his father carrying two jam-packed suitcases ready to leave. His father insisted that they leave the house in the next split second. As he watched his siblings rush towards the door to leave the house, he stood in shock watching the mobs walk in ready to attack. He rushed out of the house and looked back to make sure that his father was behind him when he felt deep regret as he saw the most terrifying occurrence that scarred him for life.…show more content…
He lived with his siblings for seven years until he met ‘the one’. Because of his past, he was very protective of her and would never let her out of his sight. He loved her deeply, he treated her as if her heart was at the tip of his fingers, carrying it with profound care. She never experienced what he had experienced, she remembers how grateful she is every time he shares his story. She would look at him as her hero. A few years after moving in together, she developed breast cancer. He was as mad as an ocean would be on a windy and stormy night. He denied it. His sleepless worry searches for an immediate cure as he was not ready to lose another important person in his
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