Personal Narrative: An Interview With A Pastor

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Recently, during a conversation at a local coffee shop came a comment, "Our pastor sure seems to be off of his game lately." Inquisitively responding I asked, "What seems off about your pastor?" My friend struggled, "Well, I just don't really know. He seems distant, uninterested, and disengaged. It's almost as if he doesn't want to be at church sometimes." "Hum," I contemplated, "May I ask a few questions about your pastor?" To this my friend agreed. After thirty minutes, my friend's view point changed from a critical disposition towards more of a compassionate caring rescuer. Several factors appeared. Fatigue. Many pastors are just plain worn out. A recent conversation with a pastor reveal five concurrent weeks of more than 60 hour work…show more content…
How is your pastor's health? Do you know? Quite a few years ago, a pastor friend of mine, Randy, shared his story. On a particular day, his elders asked for a meeting with their senior pastor. Once Randy arrived the meeting began. The Chairman Elder presented Randy with a Premier Gym Membership. That membership included a trainer. The elder shared, "We want you healthy Randy." Next, they presented him with a six month paid Sabbatical. "Pastor Randy, we, your elders think you need a break." And, lastly, the Chairman Elder gave Randy the name of a Christian counselor and therapist. "We want you to start getting some counseling because we care about you, and want you around for another twenty years." Randy's blood pressure was sky high. He showed signs of burnout at every level. When Randy realized his Elders posed not a mere suggestion, but a demand for health, he complied. He on more than one occasion shared almost twenty years, "It saved my ministry." Seasons. Did you most pastors go through seasons of spiritual bareness? One of the song writers in the Old Testament sings, "Why am I so discouraged? Why is my heart so sad?" (Psalms 42:5). Most every long tenured pastor experiences seasons when their prayers feel ineffective. Pastors too experience times when the Scriptures seem dry and lifeless. Want to hear another one? Sometimes pastors don't want to come to church either! Pastors struggle with depression, fulfillment, and disappointment. And, pastors struggle with marital strife at times just like everyone

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