President George W. Bush: A Great Leader

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President George W. Bush is a great leader. He had many traits that showed his leadership. One quality was his strategic thinking, an example of his strategic thinking was when President Bush started the war on terror and put preventive measure to stop terrorist attacks like airport security and the Patriot Act which allowed the government to look into your personal files, text, calls, records, and much more. President Bush got many of people angry when he signed off the Patriot Act because that let the government legally invade all personal information and files. Although Bush made many people mad President Bush still showed great leadership and strategy because he was able to think ahead and save many lives and prevent all future terrorist attack during Bush's presidency, saving the people and lots of money.…show more content…
President Bush stepped up and took a risk he lowered tax on everything and took out the marriage penalty. This had many effects on people, businesses, and families. In turn it was able to give more money back to families and businesses giving opportunity to grow, and the families would get to buy good, get jobs, and invest in other businesses. During this time of economic growth the US had the highest percent of job growth in their history! President George W Bush's ambition as a leader greatly help the United States in more ways than one way by fixing the economy and giving all citizens another chance, and in turn President Bush was able to restore the US to its former glory after a rough time showing great leadership and positive
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