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A Voice for Those In Need It has been noted that children are often heavily influenced by the novel’s they’re exposed to, more specifically the characters within these stories. They use the text to create a personal connection with characters, and from there relate past/present experiences to what the character is going through. For children from multicultural backgrounds, trying to find a connection with most of the characters in contemporary children's literature can be difficult. A large majority of the books children read are written by white authors and also have white characters. Therefore there are few characters multicultural children can relate to. They aren’t able to see themselves in these characters. In Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry…show more content…
While reading this novel children will be able to see how they are not alone in learning about the differences in race. In Roll of Thunder… there is this young African American girl who is not fully aware of what it means to be black in the south, nor the extreme burden it carries. As a result nothing holds her back from speaking her mind. In the beginning of the novel her innocence and outspokenness is displayed when she defends her younger brother for stomping on the textbook. She says, “See, Miz Crocker, see what it says. They give us these ole books when they didn’t want ‘em no more” (Taylor 26). In another part of the novel Cassie decides to remind Mr. Barnett, a white store clerk, that he was taking T.J., Stacy’s and her order first, before any of the other white customers. This example along with many others shows Cassie as an outspoken character who speaks on what she believes in. She didn’t understand that her race had anything to do with her order being pushed back. She just knew that what was happening was not fair, an occurrence that most youth readers will relate to at some

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