Greek War Vs Persian War Essay

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The wars that occurred between the Greeks and the Persian lasted over a period of time, of almost a half century. The most intense of these wars were the ones fought between 490 B.C. and 479 B.C. The Persian Empire was very strong and at the top of its game, but the Greeks defense was able to beat the odds and defeat Persia. Persia lived by the old ways of life. They believed in the magi and god-kings. They also believed that priests were knowledgeable over all others and emperors treated all people as slaves, regardless of their stature. The Greeks lived by their own god-king, and began to live by the concept of a political freedom. Their wars would determine the viability of a new direction in Western culture” (HistoryNet). Persia was led by king Darius, and he wanted to extend Persia’s territory. The Persian Empire was huge and very powerful. They controlled land from Egypt all the way to India. By taking over Greece the Persians would be able to control a lot more land. Another reason the Persians wanted to take over Greece is due to the fact that the Greeks helped the…show more content…
The Persians arrived on Greek land and had approximately two million soldiers in their military. The Greeks only had approximately five thousand soldiers. This included Greek soldiers, Spartan soldiers, Phocians soldiers and Locrians soldiers. They were led under the command of the Spartan King Leonidas. These groups of soldiers were able to stop the Persians from advancing past the narrow pass between the cliffs and the sea at Thermopylae. At this point they were able to keep the Persians from entering on to the mainland. Although these soldiers fought hard and were able to stop the Persians at first, the Persians found another route. The Persians found a secret route through the mountains, and were able to win this war killing every single Spartan

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