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Approval after being found dead in the Jack Tarr Hotel in San Francisco – slumped at a table in his underwear with vials of pills. Approval after the coroner ruled he died of “acute alcoholism...” Approval? Approval because he had the Holy Ghost? Really? Male Prostitution and Ted Haggard Ted Haggard was quite a Pentecostal man. Ted Haggard had the Holy Ghost and tongues. Ted Haggard had a diploma from Oral Roberts University. Ted Haggard was the founder and pastor of 14,000 member New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ted Haggard had the National Association of Evangelicals, where he served as President of the 30 million member organization. Ted Haggard had the ear of President George W. Bush. Ted Haggard had fellow Pentecostals…show more content…
If you wanted His blessings and His love, you paid Him off... we have, I believe, perverted the heart of the Gospel...Luther was incensed by the Church’s practice of selling indulgences – offering... I had a very difficult time distinguishing between the selling of indulgences and the concept of Seed-Faith... we have, I believe, perverted the heart of the Gospel...” 92 Maybe others felt like Patti. Maybe others felt that the real gospel was being perverted. Maybe there was a sneaking suspension in the US Government that both the gospel and the proper allocation of money was being perverted by Christian ministries. The U.S. Government accused Pentecostal ministries, including ones headed up by Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Eddie Long, Paula White, Joyce Myer and Kenneth Copeland.93 Money and Meyers Questionable finances can be accurately lodged against an overwhelming number of Pentecostal greats. But out of the list questioned by the US Senate committee, let’s just use Pentecostal Joyce Meyers for our

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