Analyzing James Madison's Essay 'Federalist Paper No. 10'

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Trexie Palomo Dual Federal Government Federalist Papers Report • Federalist Paper No.10 Federalist Paper No.10 is an essay written by James Madison. The purpose of this essay is to describe how we’re going to control the effects of faction. Madison suggests that the largest common reason that can break people into faction is the unequal distribution of property. That the largest faction is going to be the poor, people without property. He argues that there are two ways to eliminate this problem: first, by eliminating the causes of faction, or second, by controlling its effects. Since it is impossible to remove the causes of faction, the only solution to the problem is controlling its effects. Faction maybe controlled by forming a large republic. The more people you have, the less chance there is for corruption. The larger the republic, the larger the faction becomes. And the larger the faction becomes, the less that faction is going to be unified. Without a large republic, there is no unified country. In conclusion, there will always be faction; and in order to protect the minority (property owners) from the tyranny of the majority, you need to have a large republic.…show more content…
¶2.) A faction is a unit of people that has common interests. ¶3.) There are 2 ways to eliminate faction: eliminate the causes or controlling its effects. ¶4.) Two methods of eliminating the causes of faction: to take away everyone’s freedom or give them the same choices where they could get along. ¶5.) It is impossible to remove the cause of faction because liberty is essential and getting rid of it is like getting rid of political life. ¶6.) Diversity of men creates the problem of unifying different interests. ¶7.) Factions are consist of a wide varieties of interest and activities which makes up the modern

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