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Media Strategies for Political Campaigning Every year, a group of professional political campaigners and volunteers come together to advocate for their candidate to help elect them into a government position. Depending on what the candidate is running for, much thought, energy, and money are put into a successful campaign. Candidates have to grab voter’s attention and convince them why they should vote for them rather than the other candidates that are running for the same position. Campaigns have to consider fundraising, negative campaigning, presidential primary process, power structures, media strategies and messaging, parties, consider what they’re running against, etc. These major components seem to be interdependent but they all influence…show more content…
Media strategies include how the campaign wants the candidate to be portrayed and perceived by the public. The campaign theme is the central message that will be communicated in the promotional activities and these are usually developed with the intention of being used for a substantial period (Arulchelvan, 2014). Central messages are what the candidate wants the voters to know and remember about them. Therefore, campaigns will push their messaging across during media outlets, radio, and public speeches to make sure that the voters remember their candidate with the certain message. For example, Trumps media strategy is “Let’s make America great again,” this message is constantly being said in his speeches and any public appearances he makes. Leading to the reinforcement of his strategy and allowing for people to understand what he wants to do if he does become president. Meanwhile, President Barak Obama’s message was “Yes we can”, which is involving the voters by including the word we in the messaging. This message makes the voters believe that they will be working with the President to make America a great country. Therefore, every message is unique to their candidates and candidates along with their campaigns try to push for the messages across media outlets. If a voter remembers the message the candidate is using, then the candidate has done a successful job at altering how they want to be

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