Examples Of The Heroic Code In Beowulf

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Beowulf the epic monster fighting, five day swimming, thane of Hygelac, and of course follower of the heroic code. But what is the heroic code? The heroic code was the very basis of what a hero should be; strong confident and generous. The heroic code in Germanic societies such as the one that Beowulf takes place in displayed how a hero should act and function in a society. For example Beowulf was said to be a perfect hero for he knew exactly how much to boast before seeming to cocky, would share his wealth and knowledge among others and could take any foe in battle. Also from Beowulf King Hrothgar and Queen Wealtheow state that they hope Beowulf, since he is such a good example of what the heroic code is being so kind, intelligent, and

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