Comparing Beowulf And Achilles

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For this life we are human; for the next life we are uncertain but for this life – we are human. The definition of humanity is “the quality or condition of being humane.” This statement of course means that as humans we are not perfect. We all have weakness. In the poem The Iliad, Achilles was a strong, mighty, and powerful warrior. However his yearning for the blood of Hector ruined a family and made Achilles no better a man than he who killed his friend. Beowulf was a mighty warrior who fought for honor and glory, but Beowulf knew no limits to his battles and died a warriors’ death. Beowulf and Achilles share a common trait… Humanity. “ Heroism is the divine relation, in all times, that relates a great man to other men,” (Thomas . This quote by Mr. Carlyle suggests that heroes are a great part of society, and without them there would be a gap on the roof of a modern or pre modern society. Beowulf and Achilles played their successful roles as epic heroes in our literature. A heroes’ duty is to take on the ills of life that make other men quiver.…show more content…
His unforgiving attitude toward Hector, a man whom had slain his friend yet tried to make peace with Achilles, made him demonstrate monstrous actions. Achilles desecrated Hector's corpse by stabbing him a multitude of times even after his death. It is seemingly like the careless acts of a child rather than the decisive act of a Demi-God. “ Hector I'll have no talk of pacts with you, forever unforgiven as you are,” (Achilles-line 89). Achilles directly discerned Hector for a monster needing to be

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