Dominos Pizza Case Study

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Changes and Innovation is the movement of an organization away from its current situation towards some desired future condition. .every organization needs change in order to succeed. Novation is about making things better than cheaper than your competition. Sooner or later every business or organization needs to transform or diversify from their original intent. Transformation is only option for maintaining a growth and financial stability. Change is important for every organization without change business would likely to lose their competitive edged and fails to meet the needs of customers and to be difference from their competitors. Domino’s Pizza is an American pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960.The scale of changes at dominos are…show more content…
When Dominos was experiencing lost, the management put so much of work to get rid of that. Then just after a few years later, dominos has catch more customers and it is now 2nd large Pizza chain in the world .Its shared has been increased and regain more investors., In 2002the company domino’s Pizza experienced a tremendous public relation crisis (PR crisis) because of their couple of workers. On a slow working day the two of the employee contaminated some food ingredient and then place them on a sandwiches and pizza .Then they record the incident and post it on YouTube .this video became viral. In this case the dominos management said they will looking this case as point of public view .Then the CEO decided to response the public through YouTube which later made the public to calm down .They admitted that their product was so awful so they started campaign called pizza turnaround which involve to reinvent their pizza and also and also to come up with large size of advertisement., Dominos also start to appear more in social media to get more eye on them .This strategy help them attract more customers. Interrelationship in the company between the workers or managementand was low at the beginning .Dominos management understand the value of effective communication which made the people working in dominos become stronger .Effective communication is one of the success gain by dominoand so on.According to domino’s pizza it has said that they feel very proud about themselves about offering flexible hour’s .No matter full time or part time: they have variety of hours to suit .Employees working in dominos receiving 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year. Moreover since domino’s pizza believe in ambition they offer structured and progressive carrier path .Where they will provide the employees full training to become manager of one of their stores. They also offer both internal and external training

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