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Harriet Tubman was born in 1821 on the Brodas Plantation in Dorchester County, Maryland. She was the daughter of Benjamin Ross and Harriet Green. The brave and intelligent Harriet Tubman know as “Moses of her people”, is an important figure to American History for having strong compassion for slaves, being a member of the Underground Railroad and showing her valor once she joined the Civil War. Tubman grew up being cared by slaves and saw the difficult challenges they faced. When she was just the right age she was put to do field work and that’s how she showed her compassion for slaves. Like I mentioned, she started to care for slaves when she was just 13. “Harriet threw herself in the way of the flying two pound weight to save the slave's life” (McGill). This kind of accident left Harriet an ugly scar and caused her to have unexpected fainting spells for the rest of her life. However, Tubman soon became a slave and now she knew what it felt like. In 1844, Harriet was forced to marry a fellow slave named John Tubman. She then became property of Anthony Thomas and she later found out she was going to be sold. She then started to plan an escape and she started to leave clues for her husband of what she was going to do. “Tubman was urged to make plans to escape as soon as she could” (McGill). This is the beginning of how Harriet…show more content…
Harriet got her nickname or saying “Moses of the People”, by how she saved about 300 slaves. “The Maryland native is famous for taking about 18 trips to help 300 slaves escape the antebellum South” (Malanoski). Due to her big accomplishment, Harriet was so famous that at some point the authorities and slave owners were so desperate to catch her that they offered a $40,000 reward for her capture. Putting that idea behind, events in Harriet’s life actually changed the world and it helped many people to find freedom. But that is not all she did because her life continued

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