Xacc/280 Week 2 Case Study Excel

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The Excel spreadsheet can be used to calculate the weighted scores, and final score for the class in question. It is set up with the calculations that perform are necessary for figuring out that information. It averages the scores for the category, than takes the product and multiples it with the weight and adds them up for the final grade. The predicted score for the example student that we were assigned would be a 66.08%, which is a “D” grade. The student would need to get an 88% or higher to get a “C” grade in the class. If the student missed the last project and last two homework assignments it would not be good. Missing those assignments would drop the student to a 58.16%, which is an “F” grade. If the student asked for extra at the…show more content…
It should work as long as the cell is set to percentage, thus giving the correct answer for the score that Professor Ivy has given the student. While creating this spreadsheet I had to put a lot of the knowledge that I know to work. I had to make formulas to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, in addition to making the spreadsheet look presentable. It wasn’t a bad experience; it is actually very helpful in getting a job to be able to say that I know basic excel functions, and formulas. With the use of this spreadsheet it is possible to figure out current grades. It is actually very easy to do, all that needs to be done is replace the grades in the “Grades Received” table with the grades that you received. Be sure to clear the cells and not enter a “0” when there isn’t any grade there. It will affect the average score in a negative way, which will lower your overall score. Furthermore, with the use of this spreadsheet it can help anyone in any class figure out their score, by changing the weights, scores, and maybe some of the tables. Also, it can be used to figure out what grades are needed to get to the next letter grade, by changing values in the “Grades Received”

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