Police Brutality Affect Today's Society

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Criminal Justice: How does Police Brutality Affect Today’s Society? The definition of police brutality is when an officer uses force that is generally beyond the force a reasonable and prudent law enforcement officer would use according to the circumstances. Police brutality is a major conflict in today’s society. Innocent people get killed each day because police feel threatened by the slightest movement. Police brutality does not only affect African Americans, it affects the world as a whole. It is a very important situation because there is an innocent human being shot down, beat, or choked each day. They are not losing their lives because they threatened the cop or because they tried to kill the cop, they are being killed because they were…show more content…
This seemed to be a catalyst for many of the issues between law enforcement and non-whites being brought into the mainstream. New technology has helped regular citizens feel empowered to call police officers out on their abuses. Citizens are using cell phones to take pictures and record videos of police interactions. The citizens say it is their right to record what the officers are doing. The officers say that the citizens are interfering with police duties. This is an issue that has gone all the way to the White House. The Justice Department said a person has the civil right to protect themselves from police officers that are acting in a manner that is a danger to the citizen. The problem is that the judge and jury are rarely going to side with the citizen. The police go unprosecuted in cases that involve white officers killing white citizens. The majority of documented police brutality cases are against non-whites but, police brutality is color…show more content…
The cases of police brutality that have focused a light on how law enforcement protects their own. Leaders from other countries have brought this into political conversations. Tourist have asked questions about whether they should fear the police. There has been a fear of law enforcement in other countries that we have not seen in the United States since the civil rights movement. That fear is back and the press is keeping it in focus for everyone in the world.The future of the young black male is a focus in many family discussions. We see it more on television, in movies and in documentaries. The police need help from citizens to solve crimes. The citizens need police when crimes happen. The problem comes when police go too far and get away with it. More police should be found guilty. They will continue to go without being punished if the police are in charge of investigating themselves. Police know that the other officers are going to take their side regardless of the situation. That causes many officers to think they can do whatever they want and get away with

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