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Potential Absorbers Here is a list of possible absorbers that are located around my house. All of them can be moved and placed in a proper position within my listening space. Curtains / Drapes - An extensive glass wall is located roughly three feet from my listening position. In order to absorber the frequencies that reflect against the wall, I can pull down the curtains to act as a frictional absorber. However, the curtains are not very thick, meaning they may not be effective frictional absorbers. But, when blowing through the curtains, like suggested in Understanding Audio, it is easy to tell that a lot of air passes through. Thus, despite their thinness, the curtains may be effective frictional absorbers. Carpets - My listening space is covered in a thick carpet, which, much like the curtains, can act as a frictional absorber. The carpet…show more content…
For instance, when I was doing the RTA measurements, I noticed a large spike in the higher frequencies when I went closer to the glass. This is because glass is a flexual absorber, and when high frequencies are played, they reflect off them. Furthermore, the large window is not the only immense body of glass in the room, as my laptop is placed upon a glass desk. This means that when the signals are coming from the source, or my laptop, they are very close to the glass desk.So, there is a strong possibility that the high frequency signals reflect off of my desk as well. In addition to the glass that is currently in my listening space, there is also a carpet. The carpet can act as a strong frictional absorber, as it is very thick. When I played the frequencies, I would go down to the carpet. I did not notice any large spikes, but rather the levels were pretty consistent with one another. Thus, I am inclined to believe that the thick carpet is acting as an effective frictional

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