Roald Dahl's Poison

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Anger can cause people to express their hatred or prejudice for other groups. One piece of evidence that points to this is in the story of “Poison” by Roald Dahl where when a man is angered, he resorts to using racist and hurtful words. In the story, the character of Harry states, “‘Are you telling me I’m a liar?... Why you dirty little sewer rat!... You dirty black-’” (Dahl 88-89). Harry is clearly angered by the insinuation that he is a liar by someone whom he deems to be lower than him and this anger causes him to backlash and say very hurtful remarks. In this way, the stress that Harry was feeling turned into anger when he felt like he was being insulted and this caused him to express his prejudice that he would most normally keep away

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