Randle Mcmurphy Character Analysis

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Randle McMurphy - The novel’s protagonist, Randle McMurphy is a big con man, who gambles frequently. He has red hair, and he is a backroom boxer. His body is covered in scars and tattoos. McMurphy was sentenced to six months at a prison work farm, but was diagnosed as a psychopath for his nymphomania and violence. He was happy, because he thought the hospital would be more comfortable than the work farm. He serves as a rebellious dominant force who frequently challenges the ward and its authority. Public Relation - A man who is fat and bald and often wears a girdle. Public Relation leads tours of the ward, showing others it is pleasant and humane. Charles Cheswick - The first patient to support McMurphy in his rebellion against Nurse Ratched. Cheswick often talks about doing things and making changes, but rarely follows through and acts. Later, he drowns in the pool, which may have been a suicide. This is potentially a result of McMurphy’s decision to conform, shown when McMurphy does not support Cheswick when Cheswick takes a stand against Nurse Ratched.…show more content…
Bibbit is suffocated by his mother, a close friend of Nurse Ratched. Billy is a voluntary patient in the hospital; he is afraid of the outside world. Martini - A hospital patient who is aloof and has constant delusional hallucinations. McMurphy kindly includes him the board and card games. Ellis - A patient used to be an Acute. Ellis’s electroshock treatments transformed him into a Chronic. In the daytime, he is up on the wall. He frequently urinates on

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