Gurnee Homicide Case Study

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In connection with a homicide that took place in Gurnee, Illinois, police arrested David Brocksom, 43. The suspect lived in Kenosha, Wisconsin, at the time of the murder. Police believed the case related to a domestic incident. The police arrested Brocksom at 7:45 pm on a Sunday, during a traffic stop. Police say someone spotted him driving towards the Gurnee Police Department when they arrested him, and the officer pulled him over. On Sunday morning, police received a phone call for someone injured near Magnolia Avenue and Pacific Avenue in Gurnee. When police arrived, however, they found the victim dead. The Gurnee police did not immediately notify the Wisconsin authorities. They believe the victim is Brocksom's wife, and the neighbors had told WGN that the victim had been separated from her husband for more than two years and were about to get a divorce. While police searched for Brocksom, the manhunt extended from northern Illinois and into Wisconsin. Police warned people who might find Brocksom not to approach the suspect because he was considered armed and dangerous: Brocksom was known to carry weapons. Instead, call 911 if he was seen. They arrested the suspect without incident.…show more content…
However, Meyer did say that Brocksom made the trip to Gurnee as part of his visitation rights concerning his two children. Meyer did not say if Brocksom planned to bring the children home or pick them up when the woman was killed. While hunting for Brocksom, the police from several different agencies were called to Pacific Avenue, and they evacuated residents from their home and cordoned the area. At 12:50 pm, the Lake County Major Crime Task Force had arrived the home of the homicide. This is a specialized task force that deals with major homicides. During the incident, Lake County NIPAS and the SWAT team were called to help at the

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