Explain Why Some People Believe That Young Offenders Are Marginalised In Society

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Question 1 I believe that young offenders are both marginalised and stigmatised in society. I personally think that not all young offenders are necessarily "bad people" which unfortunately is the collective view of many people however, a large proportion of young offenders come from underprivileged backgrounds as they have very little support from their family, education and services in their local area. They often live in housing estates which offer poor accommodation, very few amenities and limited prospects. Some people believe that crime is most likely carried out by members of these communities as they belong to the working class lower classes formed in modern day society. These classes are considered to be financially disadvantaged and the people of these classes are defined as 'living on the poverty line' therefor it is perceived that some may rely on crime in order to provide for their families, such as shop lifting and drug dealing. The relation between poverty and crime is strong and is a difficult cycle to break out of. Many young children who are affected by this and are aware of older siblings, parents and extended family members who are involved in crime may perceive this to be the social norm and as a result conform to fit in. Children and young people…show more content…
He is the villages "bad boy" and is a classic portrayal of society's views of young offenders. In this picture he is deliberately photographed in front of graffiti to portray the "bad boy image." Throughout the soap Ste has attacked a number of the villages' residents, battled with a drug problem and frequently has his children removed from his care. He has spent time at a young offenders institute and the issue of domestic abuse has been portrayed through his character on two occasions. These are all factors which would be considered by certain members of society to be the typical circumstances and characteristics of young

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