Poem Two Mood

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Although the imagery of the poems were similar, but the theme and the tone of the poems were different. Poem 2 was more conventional than poem 1 as it used more alliteration, symbolism, rhyme and rhythm. The tone throughout poem 1 war happy, inspiring. Whereas poem 2 had happy, joyful tone in the beginning stanzas but it gradually changed to agitated and distressing over time. Alike tone, the mood was also different. The overall mood in poem 1 was inspiring, cheery. However, the mood in poem 2 changed from inspiring and jovial to frightening and upsetting. Speaking of imagery, the images used in both the poems was related to nature. Poem 1 had flower, green grass, trees putting new leaves, butterflies lifting wings. Poem 2 had swallows, frogs singing at night, wild plum trees, and robins as images. However, both did have some dissimilarities. Like poem 1 had more like a countryside image whereas poem 2 was a forest scene. If considering which poem is more conventional, than poem 2 is better. Poem 1 is a free verse poem. In Poem 1, the rhyme scheme varied from stanza to stanza. The meter was also uneven. For example, Lines 1st, 3rd, 5th had five words, the lines 2nd, 4th had three words, but line 6 had five words instead of 3 words.Poem 2 had a regular meter…show more content…
Silver rain itself was a metaphor for shining rain of spring, flowers lifting their heads is flowers being nurtured again, new leaves to sing is to make rustle noises. But one of the metaphors I see in poem 2 is robins wearing their feathery fire, which is them being bright and happy again. Both poems uses rain as a metaphor for spring, but it also symbolizes two different things. Poem 1 symbolizes silver rain as new hopes that brings happiness to our lives, once again. Poem 2 symbolizes soft rain as new times which are pleasant to the rest of the world but not a particular group. Just like when an oppressor dies and everyone is
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