How Does Mary Wollstonecraft Justify The Unhealthy Mind Of Women

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At the late 18th century, Mary Wollstonecraft was affected by the Revolution in France that encouraged her publish the book “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman”, to justify female’s rights (Sheila Rowbotham, xiv). Many of the arguments she points out that men attempt to keep women innocence and weakness in order to remain their authority. She appeals to women that they should become stronger in both mind and body (Wollstonecraft, 1508). Mary Wollstonecraft at first criticizes the education system that lead to an unhealthy mind of women (Wollstonecraft, 1506). She attributes the reason why women are seen as subordinate underneath men to the false education system. She disappointed with women’s education that focuses on beauty and the way how…show more content…
Due to passion will never last long in marriage, so that once passion fade out, women may become slave to her husband. She ends the chapter three by points out that “freedom is the mother of virtue” (Wollstonecraft, 1525). She thinks women have to learn to take command of their life, and not to be under controlled by men. She argues that freedom is mother of good behavior. For this reason, she points out that if women do not have liberty, they would not have virtues. Thus, she claims that there should give freedom to man as well as woman. In the chapter four, women are taught to be fragile (Wollstonecraft, 1527). They are expected dependent on man because women are always showing an exaggerated emotion in silly trifles for men’s protection. Mary Wollstonecraft rejects that kind of hypocritical behavior of women. She states that woman should understand that behaving what the men wants them to behave will never going to make themselves happy, and will not find happy from it. Mary Wollstonecraft emphasis that women should self-reliant and independent, rather than depends on…show more content…
Women from extremely restricted in the past to now have more freedom in society. Women have the opportunity to be educated, and have rights to go to work, which are not allowed in the past. However, even though there are more rights for women, in somehow, women are still suffering a raw deal in society. For instance, women tend to get stuck in the lowest-paid jobs. Their salary is lower than men at the same job, even though they are doing the same workload (Leonhardt, 2014). They are less likely to get in a top management position in the work (Holt, 2012). In my opinion, the best way to vindicate women’s rights in 21st century is to fight for gender equality. Gender equality is not means that woman should behave as a man, and try to become masculine, or man should act as a woman, but what I mean is there should have equal opportunity and treatment for both men and women. This no doubt that men and women are different in nature, and it will never be changed, so that women should not suffer discriminated because of her biological sex. Women should speak out their unfair treatments, rather than blindly accept it. Otherwise, they would suffer unfair treatments forever for no reason. Women should fight for their rights in equal opportunity in the work. Women should fight for their equal amount payment as men in workplace. In the 21st

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