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Lee Gerth Prof. John Carr-Shanahan History 1053 28 September 2015 Teddy Roosevelt: A True Man Theodore Roosevelt is a man that is often paired with terms such as enthusiasm, adventurous, or cheerful. He is known to be the father of modern presidency and for good reason as he was unlike any other president that the United States had ever seen before. Before him, congress had always been the branch of government with the most power and the president in office usually was just a figure head that the public could relate to but not the one making decisions for the country. Roosevelt was the president that made the position the strong and effective executive that it is today and transitioned the weak and dependent president into the epicenter of…show more content…
Roosevelt thought that the role of president was much different than that. He proposed that the president should be in possession of greater influence and stature then it did. He asserted this belief by forcing his personality upon others and through taking action. Other political figures disliked this about him and tried to oppress his force of will by sticking him into vice presidency thinking that he would be stuck there and fade away into history. Teddy would not fall so easily though as he became very liked through his charismatic speaking and his sheer political presence all throughout the United States. When he became president in 1901, after the assassination of McKinley, he immediately began exercising any and all powers that were not specifically denied to him. More specifically, he began shattering monopolies by utilizing the Sherman Antitrust act; he would not give business the ability to operate without regard for public welfare. Roosevelt believed that as a president, he should make sure that the government should always adhere to the people and not to its own selfish…show more content…
Roosevelt had a certain desire to make society fairer and allow possibilities for any American to be as successful as they were willing to work for. He also changed the federal government’s relationship with corporations. Teddy believed that the government had a certain right to regulate businesses so that their actions never negatively impacted the general public. Aside from domestic affairs, Roosevelt was also known as the president to open the United States to foreign affairs. He believed that the country had a sort of responsibility to go global with its operations and that a strong foreign policy would be in America’s best interest. His first order of foreign business was in Latin America as he oversaw the building of the Panama Canal. He also actively worked with congress to make the U.S. Navy as powerful as possible in order to exert the nation’s political power all over the world. He applied his global energies also to negotiating peace agreements such as the treaty between Japan and Russia which he won a Nobel Peace Prize for. Globally, this allowed the United States presence to be known by anyone and everyone, Teddy’s Mantra was “Speak softly but carry a big stick” And that became the adopted foreign policy of the

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