Minister's Black Veil Romanticism

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Ones ability to formulate creativity can appear seemingly immeasurable although the connections that can be drawn within a given set of material is infinite. Romanticism has and will continue to be a very influential part of modern literature. This is primarily due to the fact that its concepts are generally complex in structure yet contain symbolic meaning that is easily relatable. For this reason it can be increasingly beneficial to draw connections between such pieces seeing as they represent an aesthetically genuine sense of presumptuous familiarity. Romanticists often depict very similar yet equally valuable morals within their literature almost to the point where one may question what variances exist. Furthermore some of the more…show more content…
This obsession is not however completely unique in existing as a theme. “The Oval Portrait” as introduced previously contains a theme that is quite similar to the concepts presented within “The Minister’s Black Veil." Within the story a painter is determined to paint a picture of his wife. The painter’s devotion to artistic merit and the portrait itself is very similar to the devotion Mr. Hooper has for god in "The Minister's Black Veil." Additionally just as Mr. Hooper did, the painter similarly neglected his lover by perusing his passion on a level that is redundant. The painter’s wife was blindly affectionate in an extreme to the point where she remained still in effort to please her husband and died in the process. The narrator goes on to state “for the painter had grown wild with the ardor of his work, and turned his eyes from the canvas rarely, even to regard the countenance of his wife.” This account clearly depicts the disregard the painter held for his wife and the extremes he went to for his artwork. It also represents the similar dark persona Poe portrayed in a similar fashion to Hawthorne and romanticism as a whole.

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