Piggy In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Piggy There are several symbols of the cruelty in us referred to throughout the novel. For example, the cruelty in us is highlighted where we never learn Piggy’s correct name. Assuming that this book is an allegory, it makes blatant symbolism referring to this. We see this when Piggy asked Ralph his name, and Ralph showed no interest in caring to ask what Piggy’s name was until he said, ‘ “ Back home they called me Piggy.”’ This nickname can be construed as a representative for the cruelty of the school children. Even Simon, a member of the choir, and a Christ-like figure never bothered to ask Piggy his real name. We can see that the overwhelming urge that Jack and his fellow hunters possess to “kill the pig” is an indirect metaphor to suggest…show more content…
During the novel, Piggy makes continuous references to his aunty. This demonstrates his philosophy of trying to make the island’s society mirror that of the society in which he used to live in in England. We can see that Piggy is obsessed with the signal-fire. This is due to the fact that he wants to return to the civilization of the adult world in England but is trapped in a society of under-developed immature boys. The fire is also one of the keys symbols of order on the island. We see as the book progresses, that the order on the island slowly gets lesser and lesser until there is virtually none. At first, we see a manageable set of young boys dominated by Ralph –the chief- and the conch. We could also see that the boys were respectful and understood the full power of the conch. However, as the novel continued, we see that the boys began to speak out more and begin to ignore the conch. This carried on until Jack decided to start a new group, which he could be leader of as he was not satisfied with the group as it was. As well as this, at the beginning of the novel, the boys guarded the fire and never let it go out; however later on in the novel, Jack and the Hunters let it out. When the fire went out, we see the mental collapse of
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