Piggy In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Although piggy has scientific intelligence, his lack of confidence and physical features results in him being tormented by the other boys instead of being there leader. Piggy becomes the “toy” of the group, where he is picked on and teased by the other boys. The boys consider Piggy’s knowledge to be so unimportant to the point where Piggy is killed. Piggy’s intelligence could lead to great things, but as the story he is portrayed to have less and less of a leadership quality. If he only he was given the chance to prove that he could help with the huts, fire, or even other ideas then perhaps the boys wouldn’t look down on him. “I can’t think, not like piggy. Once more that evening Ralph had to adjust his values. Piggy could think. He could go step by step inside that fat head of his, only Piggy was no chief” page 78. Ralph, Piggy’s best friend, knows that Piggy is the smartest on the island. He thinks his brain is the most would be the most useful, only if he had the courage to be a leader. Ralph is aware that Piggy’s brain does not think like…show more content…
Unfortunately, Piggy is also a timid child mainly because he is insecure about being shut down when he speaks to his peers. He is insecu0re of his fitness level, what other people think of him, and everything he says or does he worries about being shut down and laughed at by his peers. Like when the boys are in a meeting Piggy will try anything just to squeeze word in. “Piggy opened his mouth to speak, caught Jack’s eye and shut it again” (pg 42) this quote shows that Piggy did not want to be shut down yet another time. Piggy is not only tormented a couple of times but throughout the entire book. Jack would call him “fatty” or tell him to “shut up” (pages) indicating signs of bulling. Not only is Piggy teased by Jack but also other members of the group. Piggy is called a “bag of fat” (pg 198) by Roger which eventually leads to the older boys and the littluns to laugh at
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