Physician Assisted Suicide Case Study

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My mother had suffered traumatic injuries from being involved in a vehicular accident. Her hand was fractured in three places, and her right foot was severely damaged. After emergency surgery in an attempt to save her foot, she was taken to the intensive care unit where she was barely conscious. Before visiting her for the first time, my grandmother and I were approached by a doctor who kindly introduced herself and shook our hands. She then asked about our relation to the patient and then explained my mother’s state clearly and thoroughly. Upon hearing the news that my mother was not in a stable condition, my grandmother broke down in tears. “We’re doing our best, you need to be strong for her,” the doctor said compassionately while extended a hug toward her. “When you enter the room, don’t be overwhelmed by the machines, the scene is going to look scary and she is going to look different but try to be…show more content…
However, this gradually dissipated by the warmth and pleasantness of the doctor who accompanied us. “Cynthie, your daughter and mother are here to see you”, she said to my mother while gently rubbing her shoulder. My mother opened her eyes and shook her head in acknowledgment to the doctor’s voice. The doctor then left, allowing us to have our personal time. I was emotionally traumatized and filled with anxiety and fear that day. I didn’t know what to expect or how I was going to emotionally handle seeing my mother in such a vulnerable state. The doctor played an important role in preparing me emotionally to deal with the situation. She told me what to expect when I entered the room and how to somewhat adapt to the environment. Her explanations were clear which allowed me to easily understand what was happening. Additionally, the caring nature of the doctor reassured me that my mother was in “good hands” which gave me some sense of

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