Checks And Balance System

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The constitution of the United States though over two centuries old laid down the foundation for the United States. Almost like a rule book for the founders to protect the right of the American peoples who shall never be denied these national rights, liberties or justice's. It is the constitution of whom 55 gentlemen took part in its creation, which acted upon the United States as a form of commandments. Filled with articles and sections, which protect us the citizens and our government. The creators prided themselves on separating the United States from any other country, and in doing so we gave birth to our rights, and liberties which we prided ourselves in years to come. Fortunately our forefathers constitution was put to the test through…show more content…
It is believed that also the system can result in a statement among the three branches and it is believed that the maturity are forced to given to the minority interest. Personally thinking about her checks and balances works without a balance system we could see our president turning into a monarch because there's no one to stopping point out that it's unconstitutional to serve for life or create your own laws. We wouldn't want to have a branch of government who decides to dominate the field and create its own laws and decide about its own system of running these things. The checks and balances system though it does take a while to get things done in the government, the system is high quality when you consider its purpose in defence of the united states. The system has been working quite well in making sure the the three branches cannot overpower each other and do their own style of governance. A good example of balances are good for the country for instance if a legislative branch introduces a lot that they would like past to go will go to the executive branch president decides to not sign the bill he therefore vetoes the law but the legislative branch has another chance and within the foots the branch can override the executive branch is veto the bill becomes a law and once that laws in place the type of the country May use it in the court system. I see may be able to see and of the countries when the branch of government is a lot to take over then send you have a dictatorship if you will with that branch of government in the United States we make sure that no government can override each other and cause
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