Battle Of The Alamo Research Paper

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On March 6, 1836 The Battle of the Alamo was fought. It was a war between the defiant Texans and the Mexican army. The Texans wanted to be independent from Mexico. However the Mexican army wanted to preserve its hold over Texas. The Mexicans wanted to make an example out of the Texans, to show them the dangers of rebellion. The Mexican ruler Antonio López de Santa believed that he should own the Texas land. Antonio Lopez then used a centralist government and even demanded that all of Texas listens to him. However the Texians wanted to be independent from Mexico. They even felt as if they should have their own State. Santa Anna then sent his army to take over the Alamo. His army indeed did so by outnumbering the Texians. Due to being simply…show more content…
Barbed wires were important due to the use of fencing land or even acres. The Mexicans would try to graze other lands from land owners. However The Mexicans were now denied admissions to timber or graze land all because of barbed wires. Barbed wires basically gave land grabbers right to certain lands. Soon after, to be able to test for ownership, the Euro-Americans filed a law suit. However the law suit did no justice and did not stop the fencing. In the American west, cattle drives were a huge economic activity. Cattle drive was mainly used to make financial gain by eventually selling the cattle. Supply and Demand soon started to get established within this era. This ultimately meant that since the cattle started to rise and spread all over, the price for cattle had to increase as well. Not only was barbed wire and cattle drive very important, but mining was extremely important as well. Mining was important simply for the fact that it caused an huge rise in the town population. See mining was a huge contributor with the development of railroads. Trains at this time needed gas and mining helped with coal. Ultimately coal was used for fuel. The “End of the Frontier” simply referred to an ending to scandals within the government. The era of Santa Fe’s was now coming to a complete end. The southwest regions was now about to change and emerge into something different. Due to certain circumstances such as railroads, the Southwest tended to be an isolated region. However “The End of the Frontier” symbolized that being an isolated region, receiving unfair treatment from the government and dealing with government fraud is all coming to an

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