Physical Abuse Among Teenagers

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Physical abuse towards young teenage girls is an issue that I’m really focused and sensitive towards. Physical abuse is a traumatising problem that shows no respect towards females. Domestic violence and teenage abuse are currently the number one situations where physical abuse takes place. Young girls my age all over the world are physically abused in many heartless ways like being kicked,burned,thrashed,drowned,choked and much more.All these effects can cause young minds to suffer with severe mental trauma and physical pain. Physical abuse can also lead young woman feeling depressed and lowering their self-esteem. Data has shown that as the rate of physical abuse rises in countries even the suicide rates have increased.However, in the United States, physical abuse has decreased rapidly as the rate has dropped 63% over the past 20 years.It has mainly dropped because of the woman’s right organisations that have increased raising awareness all over the world. There isn’t a precise reason which tells us what drives people to physically attack someone however phycologist have predicted that people who physically abuse someone are thought to be mentally unstable or had an abusive childhood. Statistics have also stated that sometimes it’s because of overdose of drugs or alcohol and frustration which force them to react this way.

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