Examples Of Declaration Of Independence On Peer Pressure

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My Declaration Of independance From Peer Pressure When it comes to a time of teenage years, many obstacles come with growing up. Peer pressure is a major difficulty in most teens/student’s lives, these distractions and influences submit teens to turn away from the right path. By abstaining from peer pressure we could be better educated and teens wouldn’t be stereotyped as amateurs. In modern day, and in past years peer pressure has broken relationships within students and families. By the banishment of peer pressure more students/teens I think, would be able to make the right decisions in school and out. There will be no more teens in rehab suffering from alcohol and drug abuse. High Schools and Universities will have more graduates at the end of the year. There won't be many pregnant underage girls and young dads. There will be more families united and happy. There won’t be any more suicides or self harm to oneself. I Believe that anybody no matter what gender or race they are, can accomplish anything without the intervention of someone else bringing them down. Peer Pressure causes segregation within students, and races. Peer pressure has caused near death experiences like attempt suicide and self harm. Peer…show more content…
I have tried talking to the teens that have been following the wrong friends. I have been helping them to overcome the wrong decisions, and telling them that they're not alone. I have befriended those that seem easily influenced, and I have influenced them in positive ways. Like motivating them to stay focused in school or even supporting them to join a school sport. I have offered advice to teens that have a distress in their family environments due to peer pressure struggles. I have opposed the bad influences and questioned them for their wrongdoings. I have reminded them to keep open minds and to talk about their problems to their parents or other close loved

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