Personal Narrative Essay: The Day Of The Dog

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"Good boy, Sparky," I said happily as I thought about eating Thanksgiving dinner and galloped around the ring on the beautiful, white and brown pony. It was raining, and the horse’s hooves made a squishing sound in the mud. Sparky whisked me around the ring, and came to an abrupt stop. I was excited to get out of the rain and let my cousins, William and Bradley, and sister, Caroline, take a turn on Sparky. As Sparky skipped up to the barn, I slowly slid off, putting my left then right foot on the squishy mud. My sister put her hand on Sparky's soft mane and gracefully jumped onto his back. As Sparky and Caroline trotted away, I stepped inside of the warm, dry barn and noticed the furry bunnies hiding from the rain. I bent down to look…show more content…
My family said goodbye to Sparky, Bacon, the other horses, and the floppy eared bunnies. As my uncle opened the farm gate, I scratched Bacon’s rough fur for the last time and quickly walked out of the gate, not wanting the pig to escape. After the gate was closed, my sister, Caroline, and cousins, Bradley and William, raced back to my aunt’s house as baby Scott rode his blue and red tricycle. I tried to run as fast as a cheetah so I could be the winner of the race, but I sprinted into the gravel driveway not seeing the big, deep puddle ahead of me. I tried to jump over it, but I landed in the puddle with a splash. Great, I thought now my shoes are all wet. As I walked inside of the small cottage with my soaking, wet shoes, I immediately took them off and was greeted with licks from my great aunt and uncle’s dog, Ranger, my aunt and uncle’s dog, Tula, my cousin’s dog, Zoe, and my little puppy, Winston. I walked into the cozy living room, with Winston trailing behind me, and smelled the turkey and other delicious Thanksgiving foods being cooked. I could not wait to eat my favorite Thanksgiving food, mashed sweet potatoes and creamy, melted

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