Argumentative Essay On Being Thin

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Being Thin The young generation is controlled by the dictatorship of the media. Their minds are hypnotized and brain washed to the point where body images are askew and unnatural. The media indirectly places these perfect body shapes into girls’ minds at a young age. The standard for being thin or the thin ideal, created by modern day pop culture has negatively affected younger kids, especially girls, causing them to develop a mindset that they have to have this unrealistic an appearance to be accepted by people, society, and this causes the development of eating disorders to achieve these radical looks. The thin ideal is an unrealistic image that has hypnotized young girls into thinking that anything else is unacceptable. Caroline Heldman…show more content…
According to Patrizia Gentile, she sampled a few girls from ages 14-24 and their definition of the cultural understood sexuality of female was “generally cited flawlessness, perfection, slenderness, sexiness and ‘conventional’ beauty…they also said that women who acted ‘less intelligent’,” were more open to objectifying themselves toward men.(2) In many mass media bases, music videos and movies, women are objectified to being like sex objects for the attention of the male viewers and this makes girls and women to believe that they have to look that way to get noticed. Society teaches males and others that you judge women by appearance, like they are an object. These actresses continue to dress this way to get attention from the media and get their praise for being flawless and perfect. And in doing so, young girls have these people to be their role models because there is either very few or there is not another women to have flaws and not be super thin. These girls are subjected to a limited few role models and this causes the girls to imitate their role model and this changes their mindset on how they should look. Daphne Zuniga, an actress, received the part to be in a series but her manager asked if she could get collagen or Botox. She felt “like a women with less integrity, [she] was cheating and lying,” to herself because she crumbled under the spell of producer of how he wanted her to look younger and have that certain look for the

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