TTYL By Madigan Kinnick Character Analysis

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The pressures of being accepted, striving to meet the demands of your schedule while balancing a social life, as well as overcoming obstacles and adversity are challenges that teenagers often encounter. It is well known that being a teenager is difficult, and being a teenager in high school is even more thought provoking. When combining the difficulties of being a teenager with the challenges of being in high school, you’ve created yourself the recipe for disaster. “TTYL”, an Internet colloquialism meaning “talk to you later”, is unlike any other young women’s novel written before. Its attention is gained through it being the first novel written entirely in the style of an instant messaging conversation. The main setting of the novel is in a public high school, flooded with students who continuously gossip, squeal, and start unnecessary drama for the thrill of it. The focus is on the main character Madigan Kinnick, who is beginning her journey in grade ten. In the sitcom based on the novel, I would present each of Maddie’s struggles in a critical and learning manner. She has to deal with…show more content…
Due to her being one of the very few sophomores to have this advantage, the news was talked about throughout the whole school and every one was thrilled. With Maddie’s ability to pick up and leave when she wants, she decided to make a stop to a 7 Eleven on her way home from school. Coincidently, Maddie happens to run into her enemy, Jana, who is there as well. Although, Jana isn’t her typical rude self this time around, instead she acknowledges Maddie for once and is surprisingly sweet. As much as Maddie claims she does not care about Jana’s friendship, this event caused Maddie to feel happy and accepted for once. Though this act is bizarre coming from Jana, Maddie tries to convince herself maybe “People Do Change,

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