Persuasive Essay On Exercise

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Do exercise. Although you can burn off fat while resting/sleeping, you will gain better and more permanent results if you subscribe to any exercise regimen. It does not matter if you are only brisk walking for 30 minutes every other day, or if you are hitting the gym treadmill hard 7 times a week, for 2 hours a day. Any exercise regimen is far, far better than just sitting in front of the TV and eating constantly. Don’t go overboard with working out, especially if you have never subscribed to any exercise regimen before. Exercising for better health is good. But if you have never really done any serious workouts before, pushing yourself beyond your physical limits will not only be detrimental to your weight loss efforts, but it can also…show more content…
In case you do lose that much weight in such a short time, you increase your chances of permanently damaging your internal organs. You either get sick afterwards, or your body fights back and starts piling on more pounds. In both cases, you end off worse than before. Try to lose weight as gradually as possible. This will prove safer and more permanent in the long run. Don’t set only one goal. Trying to lose 100 pounds in a year is an admirable goal, but it can become insurmountable if you hit a weight loss plateau.* Instead, set a series of goals. For example: Weeks 1 to 4 : Lose 1% to 5% of current weight Weeks4 to 8 : Lose another 2% to 5% of current weight Weeks 8 to 12 : Lose another 3% to 5% of current weight Weeks 12 to 16 : Lose another 3% to 5% of current weight Etc. * Weight loss plateau is inevitable in almost all diets. It usually strikes weeks or months after successfully shedding off unwanted pounds. This happens when your metabolism slows down and matches the number of calories you consume per day. This makes it difficult to lose weight afterwards. However, once you get over this phase, you can go back to your weight loss endeavors. Chapter 4: 4 Phases of Intermittent Fasting for
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