Beauty Booking Service Case Study

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Key Players of Beauty Booking Service Gone are the days when salon and gym appointments are only limited to over the phone or walk-in process. The addition of digital platforms, particularly apps, has revolutionized the way we book beauty and fitness appointments. A lot of companies have witnessed the benefits of hi-tech beauty booking services, and have started to embrace them. Vanitee This Singapore-based company is still on its second year and, already, it has amassed millions just by directly connecting clients to beauty practitioners. It has even raised $3.5 million in just six months since it started operating. It provided enough funds for an expansion. What exactly does Vanitee do for you? It allows you to book beauty services online…show more content…
• Allows you to leave a feedback with the professional you worked with The convenience Vanitee offers can’t be emphasized enough. With access to nearby salons, it is guaranteed that there will be someone available to do your nails, hair or make-up. Vaniday Vaniday not only connects you to beauty services nearby, but also in other parts of the world. This makes it so much easier to find a practitioner when you’re travelling and you need to have your hair or make-up done. Vaniday is connected to over 3000 salons in 6 countries – Australia, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Singapore and UAE. You can book any of them online or through the Vaniday app. In the event that there’s a problem with the website (which is a rarity), you can still book a beauty treatment using the app. Look Booker Another start-up that recently joined the beauty booking service sphere, Look booker follows the same concept as Uber and AirBnb, and even uses a similar system. It pairs a consumer-facing app with a booking management tool designed for practitioners and merchants. This provides the perfect solution for salons struggling to fill seat, and people struggling to book appointments at the last…show more content…
With a growing number of partners around and outside of Singapore, you won’t have difficulty booking your next appointment. And right from your couch at that. StyleSeat A new player in the hair and beauty industry, StyleSeat is the online marketplace where professionals of beauty and wellness meets clients. Simply search, select and book an appointment online using your computer or mobile. With an account on StyleSeat, a beauty service provider can make their business accessible to members online. They can list their services, complete with other information a client needs. Members, on the other hand, can find a stylist, book online and enjoy perks exclusive to StyleSeat members. Key Players of Wellness/Fitness Booking Service Kfit Looking for a wide range of lifestyle activities to fill your monthly schedule? Kfit connects you to 400,000 of them in over 4,500 locations. Talk about doing something different for every day of the month. Spread across 10 cities, you can travel without missing a day of yoga, kickboxing and spa treatments, among

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