Negative Effects Of Bullying

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Bullying is a direct violation of someone’s life and happiness. It is done to make them feel low and as if they have done something wrong that justifies the bullying they receive. The majority of people are aware of a few of the effects bullying has, such as depression, loss of interest in activities that they used to pleasurable, and possibly even decreased school performance. With that being said, they are not aware of all of them, exactly how it affects those involved, or even how long. The effects of bullying are the inability to trust either themselves or other people, distorted self-image/perception, and the increased risk for antisocial personality disorder, all of which could persist into adulthood. One major effect that could last well into adulthood is the inability to trust other people or themselves. For instance, bullying occurs consistently and puts fear into the person that is being bullied. They fear what the bully could possibly do to them next and the…show more content…
Bullying has several effects, many of which could last well into adulthood. The effects of bullying include the inability to trust others or him or herself, distorted self-image, and the increased risk of developing antisocial personality disorder. The constant bullying makes one feel as though they are alone and as a result do not trust others, and it distorts how they view either their personality or their body. The bully themselves either grow up to learn that the bullying was a harmful thing to whoever they bullied and feel some remorse or they grow up to commit more violent acts. In order to prevent these lasting and damaging effects, people need to be educated more all about the possible effects of bullying for those involved, not just the person being bullied but also the bully. They also need to be educated about how long these effects last and what could be done to help those who are

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