Persuasive Essay About Sports

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Mama Watkins Has there been a point in life you have wanted to quit a sport or an extracurricular activity? Now that you’ve thought about my question I know a lot of you guys have been in that predicament or even quit doing your extracurricular activity. When I have a flashback of the time I almost quit cheer, I think of my coach. Meagan Watkins has made such a big impact on my life not only keeping me in the sport that I thought I lost love for, but in my personal life also. She’s taught me to never give up, always do something for myself not others, and lastly to stay positive. Body Coach Watkins was always the first to say never give up. We have all had a coach who has told us “turn your can'ts into cans” I’ve always been told can’t isn’t even in my vocabulary when it came to cheer. When it came to tumbling practice I…show more content…
The constant not hitting of a stunt or landing the pass I’m in the process of learning makes me cease determination. My coach is always there to lift my spirits up by telling me I can do it if I put my mind to it. Times when I was giving up Watkins always said some motivational words to me or the entire cheer team. Going into my junior year of high school I got super depressed all my friends graduated the year before. I was all alone during practices to the point one day I broke down at the end of practice. I wanted to quit because I didn’t feel that same love for cheer I always had in the past since my friends left for college. Coach watkins pulled me too the side and begged me to stay because she knew things would get better as the season went on. She kept saying that the team needed me there to be as one because without my random burps, my loud laughter, and my random acts of goofiness it wouldn’t be the same. It’s a new start for me to make new friends and finish out my highschool career as a Granite City High School
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