Descriptive Essay On My Favorite Game

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Along the road, I imagined the bright lights of the chandelier hanging from the roof, the beautiful arch that led to the wooden kitchen, and the dragon sculpture sitting on the ledge behind the dinner table. Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted by the stopping screech of the tires and the announcement that we had arrived at our destination. I hurriedly pushed the car door and started running to the front door. Without pushing the doorbell, my cousin opened the door and immediately grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. It was Thanksgiving, and my family was celebrating it at one of my aunt’s house. Like most little kids, my cousin and I were ecstatic and ran around the house. When dinner was ready, everybody gathered around the kitchen table. Like most Thanksgiving dinners, we ate turkey. After dinner, I was extremely…show more content…
When we made it down, I stopped and looked around. The basement had a pool table, hula hoops, fitness equipment, and a Wii. My cousin had already settled down on the couch in front of the T.V and began shuffling through the games. I quickly walked over to her and sat down. While she was still shuffling, I kept my eyes on the games she was holding and saw my favourite game, “Mario Kart”. I reached my hand out to grab ahold of the game, but she saw what I was doing, and pulled the games away from me. In the past, we had already gotten into arguments about which games we wanted to play, and as past experience, I knew that she didn’t like Mario Kart. I looked at her in the eyes, and knew that an argument was coming closer. She protested and said that she wanted to play a different game, “Wii Sports”. I suddenly felt quite mad, since she had never played any games I liked to play. I started yelling at her for being so stubborn, and to just let me play the games I wanted to play. She became silent, and simply stood up and threw the game down. I was surprised, since I was expecting an argument, not a

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