Stereotypes In Suicide Squad

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In 2016 when the movie “Suicide Squad” came out, Karen Fu Kuhara played the role of a stereotypical quiet but deadly Asian ninja with a Samurai sword. Karen displayed just one of the misconceptions that people have about the Asian culture. These stereotypes have originated and grown from all sorts of media to become what they are today While the Chinese/Asian culture has many stereotypes associated with it such as; loving and eating rice, being smart, and looking like one another, they simply are not true. While many people believe Asians eat rice all the time, Asians like lots of different types of foods and dishes that don't always include rice. One author from the Washington post, Amanda Yung, writes, "It's just a fact. Not all Asians…show more content…
Amanda also writes, "Many people think that Asians are plain geniuses, and although they may be smart, it's mainly because of their work ethic and schooling they receive," which explains that brain power doesn't come naturally. Asians aren't just born with the amazing ability to be smart, they have to work just like everyone else. Along with work ethic "China Daily" once again states, "The schooling system in China is much more vigorous than in the United States. It's no wonder the Chinese are far ahead of us", which says how hard the school days are in Asia (China Daily). The children there have harder school days, and even go to school on the weekends. The pressure is on for kids to do well so they can be successful later on in life. In addition to rougher school days, the population is much larger (Vision Times). Mathematically it works out that the more people there are, the more brilliant people would be found. With a smaller population in the United States, there just aren't as many to be found. Asians work just as hard as Americans to gain their educations, but it always comes down to the individual that's brilliant or

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