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The first book that we read in English class was Oedipus Rex. Oedipus was abandoned by his parents because he was considered “bad luck”. Unfortunately, Oedipus was born with an enlarged feet, thus they named him Oedipus,” folk etymology defines as swollen feet”. (page 37) Rumors were spread that the foot would give his family bad luck. When he was trying to save Corinth, he saw a lot of fighting on the 3-way road. Oedipus kills a man, who turned out to be his father, but he didn’t know that at the time because his parents had abandoned him. After reading this book, I identified two personality characteristics for Oedipus. He was an intelligent man and a self-confident leader. A seer tells Oedipus to find the previous king's killer…show more content…
However, that was only at the beginning of the book when he was requested to become king, and then it he fell out the approval of Thebes. Why I think that Oedipus was an intelligent man was because, he founded out a way to get rid of the Sphinx. He tried to break the riddle that they were trying to break, so he got rid of the Sphinx, and now he is the King of Thebes, who he will marry the queen, Jocasta. The next personality that I found was self-confident. But, the problem with this one is that, it changes in Oedipus Rex. At the beginning he is very self- confident, since he got rid of the Sphinx, and now he is going to become king. But towards the end of the book, he starts losing his confidence.For example, Oedipus exclaims “Woe! Woe! It is all plain indeed! O Light, This be the last time I shall gaze on thee, Who am revealed to have been born of those Of whom I ought not-- to have wedded whom I ought not--and slain whom I might not slay!” (page 42) He becomes the opposite of self-confident, and feels ashamed about what he had…show more content…
At the middle to halfway to the end, he tries to find out who the killer was, by asking other people at Thebes. And then, at the end of the book, he finds out that he was the killer, and then now there is not motivation for Oedipus. So, that means that this motivation was only at the beginning. The one that gave this motivation would be Creon, Jocasta’s brother, and then Tiresias was the one that told Oedipus that he was the killer of the king, but he didn’t believe him, and thought that they were accusing him, so then Oedipus would get banished, or killed, and then Creon and Tiresias would be king. But then, he finds out that he, Oedipus, was really the killer of his father, and the king. But it was not his fault because, he didn’t know that Laius was the king, and his father. His punishment was to be banished from Thebes forever, and if he comes back, then he will get

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