Anton Chekhov's The Lady With The Pet Dog

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“The Lady with the Pet Dog” starts off in Yalta which is commonly known as a vacation spot. Gurov is there and spots Anna there along with her dog. He explains that no one knows who she is but that he is attracted to her although he already has a wife and children. He says that he is not fond of her anymore because she looks twice his age so he has cheated on her multiple times already. When he sees Anna at the Gardens when they were eating dinner he was explaining her appearance and was able to tell everything about her just by that. They explain Yalta as a very dull place to be because there is not much to do there at all. When he first saw Anna he said she already looked dull because she did not know what to do with herself. Although they do change the Yalta scene to a little more romantic whenever Gurov and Anna went on a stroll. They put into detail the smell of the sea and explained the scenery as grand and beautiful. They spoke about the moonlight and how it was reflecting on the Sea and the color of the water being a lilac hue. Also right before they kissed…show more content…
I thought that this type of reunion scene was well played out because The Geisha is a story about a man who is already engaged to a woman but falls in love with a Geisha. Which can relate a lot to the storyline going on. Anna tells him that she has been unhappy and all she wants to do is be with him. Also that he should leave and she would go and see him in Moscow. They both realized when they got home that they would both much rather be with each other and not with their wife/husband. The winter setting helped show and helped us feel how lonely and isolated they both felt without each other, especially Gurov. Setting is important because its sets the foundation for time and place. The reader must be able to use the setting as context clues for the message of certain

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