How Did Marie Curie Contribute To The Science World

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Marie Curie is an important person to the science world. In 1898, she announced the discovery of polonium and radium. Marie Curie explored, encountered,and exchanged in the science community. She explored by doing research and experiments, she encountered too much uranium, and exchanged her ideas and formulas with other scientists. Marie Curie helped change the science world to be what it is now. Marya Sklodowski was born in Warsaw, Poland, on November 7, 1867. By the time she started school, she could already read. On June 12, 1883, she received the gold medal awarded to the top student in her high school graduating class. At this time, Marya was only 15 years old. Women in Poland were not able to go to college in their own country. So she had to attend the “Floating University”, which was a secret school taught by Polish scientists, philosophers, and historians of literature and culture. Marya’s biggest dream was to attend the University of Paris, known as the Sorbonne. She worked as a teacher to earn the money needed for college. At night, she studied on her own and that was how she learned her love for science. Marya left Poland for Paris in 1891. When she finally got to Paris, she could start going to Sorbonne. To fit in she changed her name to the…show more content…
She began to test uranium because she wanted to learn how it produced Becquerel’s rays. After multiple tests, she thought of a new idea, maybe other elements were also producing the ray. So then, she started testing every kind of matter and compare it to uranium. In February 1898, Marie tested pitchblende which consisted a small amount of uranium. The pitchblende gave off more rays than what the uranium produced. In late 1898, her and Pierre found two new elements in the pitchblende. Those two elements are now known as polonium and radium. To have proof that the elements existed, they would have to separate out pure polonium and pure radium from the

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