Personal Stress Reflection

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1. On a personal level, I am very aware of my stress. To cope with my stress, I have normalized it. It is not easy being a student, let alone everything I have on my plate. I pride myself on everything that I do, although sometimes it may be more harmful than good. I work full-time and as of late, I’ve been working overtime. I have a 3.64 GPA, and I prioritize my education no matter how much my job and other extrinsic factors are in the way. I work out heavily as a coping mechanism for my anxiety. I rely on it for a sense of mental peace. Sometimes, it is more harmful than good because I push my body rather than resting it. Thus, putting more stress on myself. At least three nights a week I sleep five hours or less. Along with that, I struggle…show more content…
It was such a great honor and privilege to work with this man, and I was not worthy of his last moments. My grandma said “his soul was so comfortable with you; he was so lucky to have you.” And those words comfort me to this day. As a social worker, this will help me empathize with my clients who have experienced similar trauma. I wish that no one ever has to experience this, but I know I am strong and it was better me than anyone else. Because of this experience, I am a stronger person and I will be an even stronger clinician. 2. On my best days, I feel a sense of euphoria that is not comparable to any other feeling. There are days at work where I can assist my clients with minimal tasks like making them a good meal they love, or by harassing a secretary at a doctor’s office to ensure they are seen as soon as possible. Sometimes they need to go to urgent care, so I coordinate that for them. On Valentine’s day, I made baskets for the residents with candy and a card. They were so happy, it was contagious. The smiles they had could light up an entire…show more content…
If the task at hand is self-care for Lilli, I know exactly what I need. One of those things is a friend that is stronger than I, to push me to actually do what I need. I am very stubborn regarding self-care. I need more sleep, to work less, and to eat when I need to. I often get myself wrapped up in my responsibilities. Sleeping, eating adequately, and work gets in the way. If I slept more, I wouldn’t be so tired throughout the day. When I’m tired, I become forgetful. Sometimes I’ll slip up on my school work or at work and then become upset with myself. If I slept more, it would help with that. When I eat when I’m hungry, I feel better. I feel stronger during my workouts and overall more energized. If I didn’t work so much (over 40 hours per week) I would be able to sleep more. I would not stress as much about homework, house work, and finding time for myself. However, I am actively working towards sleeping more and eating enough. And, I have seen the effect. I feel better. Working so much gets in the way, but I do what I have to. I know in my heart one day things will be easier, and I must push through

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