Personal Statement: Why I Want To Study Economics

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Please describe how you have prepared for your intended major, including your readiness to succeed in your upper-division courses once you enroll at the university. Numbers fascinated me for as far as I remember. Every day while others complained about how boring mathematics is, I was amused with the various ways you can approach and play with numbers. However, I decided to build a career on economics far later when I became aware of how deep economics has rooted itself in our society. Every problem and troubles in our society have an economic dimension to it and therefore can be solved with an economic perspective. Today, economics fascinates me as much as numbers did when I was young. During my time in school, I have tried to develop the skills required to help me study economics in college. I have always excelled academically but I was particularly interested in mathematics, social science, and statistics. I did not pursue these subjects only for joining an economics class in the university but also because they continue to be my strongest points in my academics. I have always found these subjects exhilarating and exciting. I have raised the bar for myself in…show more content…
During my participation in these activities, I learned to deal with people of various expertise and I learned communication and time management skills. This helped me greatly to develop my social skills and personality. Growing up in a rapidly growing economy, economics seems to be the right major for me. I have seen firsthand the rapid change in the market and since an early age tried to study and understand the global market. The small influences in the global market which makes a huge difference in the market amuse me more than anything I have ever seen. I presume that my early keen interest for the subject has increased my knowledge and love for the

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