Ice Th The Poetics Of Hip Hop Music

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People should reconsider judging rap and hip hop music as negative because it may mention unpleasant things, however it would only create a state of understanding if they listened to the poetry and the history in the story being told. Society often portrays rap as inappropriate, volgar, bad, and many other negative images and in some cases this may apply. But there's more to rap than what meets the ear. Rap and hip hop is poetry, it’s an art that allows the audience to connect to the artist's history and emotions creatively. To obtain the full experience of rap you have to not only listen but analyze the lyrics. You know you’ve succeeded in analysis when you can hear and comprehend the story being told, see the story playing in your mind like you’re watching a music video, smell the aroma from the scenes playing in your mind, taste the food mentioned in the story, and feel the mood of the poet and a personal connection that you share with the piece.…show more content…
The piece describes the similarity of rap and poetry, the conclusion is then examples of poetry shown in popular rap artist hits. The multiple examples are effective from the hard evidence that supports their statement. Such as Ice T’s lyrics from the song 6 ‘N the Mornin’ “Six in the mornin' Police at my door. Fresh Adidas squeak Across my bathroom floor. Out my back window, I made my escape. Don't even get a chance To grab my old school tape” The lyrics fall in rhythmic pattern that flow even stronger with

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