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Ida B. Wells's life was filled with unimaginable despair and frustration during decades of injustice, hatred, and violence. She became the voice who suffered and she had to courage to speak out against such treatment. In 1909 "This Awful Slaughter" spoken by Ida B. Wells was and still is deeply touching. Nevertheless words alone are a far cry from actually living it and having to endure the horrific cruelty being played out before your eyes on a daily basis. A number of people were disconnected to a simple conception of" love thy neighbor" while claiming to be children of God. It is wholly unfathomable the acts of depravity within the soul of another human. Her speech brought attention to the hypocrisy she witnessed all around…show more content…
Adults as well as children's death are listed as "died by hanging" and the offenses were trivial and nonsensical, just as Ida B. Wells had stated. A study of American Civil Rights Movement is extremely important, without these details we are missing the full weight of the meaning of Civil Rights. To hear the struggles of those who fought the battle on a personal level is greatly effective than to hear from those who stood on the sidelines seeing things from their own perspective and not of those oppressed. The words spoken by Ida B. Wells were nothing new during her time and went largely ignored by those in power. Nevertheless, to hear them today is a powerful reminder of the strength and endurance that shaped the Civil Rights Movement and the people who played a pivotal role in making a difference. Unfortunately, thousands paid with their blood, stripped of civil liberties based on nothing more than pure…show more content…
Unless one has a reason to utilize these programs it doesn't expose the limitations and stipulations that are ridicules. An example of this is the Welfare system, by a program called snap. It provides food to help families or individuals struggling, to be qualified for assistance one has to meet the poverty guidelines, which is not the poverty level by today's standards but actually the poverty guide lines set back in the early 90's. That hardly seems feasible, to go back to the poverty level over 20 years ago as a basis for ones poverty level today. Some of these great sounding programs based in this generation also give the false impression of being a savior, albeit has helped several. These programs also go by one's "gross" income, and include only the bare minimum of living expenses, such as shelter and utilities. It does not allow for gas to get to work, insurance that you are required by law to have as a legitimate expense, but for the few who do not give up you have the option of applying for other programs to get some aid for gas for your car. The point is it requires a great deal of time and paperwork on an ongoing basis, and most struggling people get so depressed they just as soon give

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