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We Don’t Need Speed Limits Type of Claim: Policy Specific Purpose: “To persuade my audience that we should not have a speed limit.” Organizational Pattern: Direct Method I. Introduction A. Attention getter: Who here in this class exceeds or has ever exceeded the speed limit? B. Thesis statement: I believe going over the speed limit should not be considered a bad thing because sometimes we have the need to go faster or slower on roads to get to our destination. C. Personal Credibility: Very recently I got a 1,200 dollar ticket not only for just speeding at 92 mph but also for not having proof of insurance. D. Audience motivation/reason to listen: This was crazy to me because that is way too much money that can be used for something…show more content…
IV. Main point #3: There was a time long ago from 1995 to 1999 when Montana exercised no numerical speed limit on most rural roads. ( A. This might shock some people but it really happened and it showed some very interesting information. 1. All they told the drivers was to drive with “reasonable and prudent speed”. 2. The interesting and very shocking result is that the accident and death toll dropped immensely in this exercise. B. Then came the summer of 1999 when they brought back the speed limit and the stats went back even worse than what they were before. ( 1. This shows that when people are given the option to go faster the world will be safer and there will be less accidents and deaths in the world because people are less likely to rebel. 2. This information really surprised me but showed me that we should get rid of our speed limit. To wrap things up I’d like to conclude by going over what I talked about today. V. Conclusion A. Re-state thesis statement: Breaking the speed limit shouldn’t be considered a bad thing and we for sure shouldn’t get a huge fine to pay for

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