Personal Statement: A Career As A Nurse

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Nursing I would say is one of the most challenging, demarnding yet rewarding role in the Healthcare settings, not only do you play a vital role you have the oppertunity to diffrent fields of Nursing so it enables you to progress along your path.What makes a good Nurse is communication, dedication, knowledge and Working as part as team . With all care settings a big quality would be showing compassion on all levels when compassion is shown it makes a big impact on a persons life. I would like to think I have all the qualities in becoming a Nurse, This is my opportunity to give you my background history as well as why I would like to take on the Nursing role. I will point out my skills, knowledge and a personal insight of what I have achieved in my experience.…show more content…
I worked alongside verious Healthcare providers but one that stood out was the Nursing role. I decided to move to Hull and began working in Care settings for 12 years as a Healthcare Assistant, Along the way I have gained alot of qualities, skills and Knowledge. There are two diffrent types of jobs that stand out in my experience. I worked in a Nursing home which specilised in Demntia care,. my main duties within the role was personal care, serving meals, Assisting with feeding, Toileting, Bed making, wound

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